A Slice of Chicago

I interrupt this series to bring you a special post from the windy city.

Chicago Skyline

Since its incorporation in 1837 Chicago’s glittering skyline, captivating charm, and individualistic art scene have been stealing the hearts of novelist, artists, and travelers alike – and now it has mine.

A quick weekend trip has turned into a full-blown love affair with Chicago. From floating between the decades of artfully designed buildings to walking through quaint north-end neighborhoods the city was begging me to stay once my four days were up.

The charm started with our hotel. If art deco and a contemporary ski lodge had a baby, it would be the Freehand in the River North neighborhood. It was by some miracle that we found this hotel/hostel in the first place. Shout out to Groupon for coming in for the win. It was a feat trying to find a hotel that didn’t require you to be 21, and when we found one we weren’t sure what we were in for.


But our worries were for naught. The Freehand had a warm, mellow atmosphere that jived a little at night, and we walked into a cozy room that was just inviting you to curl up with a good book and a cup of something hot. The best part? We felt like we were staying in the center of it all, just blocks from Michigan Ave, The Loop, and Streeterville.

As comfy as it was though, we spent very little time at the hotel. Eager to see the city we wasted no time seeing all the sites. Our excursions included an enlightening (and drizzly) architectural boat tour, which I highly recommend; a trip to Shedd Aquarium, skip the show instead go down below to watch the Bulga whales perform; and a night on Navy Pier where we happened upon fireworks.


The best way to see the city, though, was by eating. Our quest for the best food lead us all over. By getting dinner in Wicker Park and dessert in Lincoln Park we got to eat rich pasta (at The Pasta Bowl) in a hip artsy scene and then follow it with divine cupcakes (at Molly’s Cupcakes) nestled between handsome historic homes and peaceful parks. Every new meal took us to a new treasure in the city.


By Monday I was smitten and unwilling to leave. But life calls and Louisville is home. I had to remind myself why I started this series in the first place. Louisville has just as much history and charm as many of the other big cities in this country, but its subtlety is often overlooked. Therefore we must continue to find ourselves searching for the true Louisville found in the residents, streets, and stories that make up the city.

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