Change – It’s Happening Here

In the past couple weeks I’ve written a lot about change in Louisville, both the change that is taking place and the change that still needs to happen. For many people it’s hard to recognize the positive change in our world due to the looming future. And they wonder “who is going to bring change to our world?”

The answer is always the same: the latest and future generations will be the “world changers.” They always have been and always will be. But often times that is forgotten.

It’s easy to label the younger generations – currently considered the millennials, generation z, and the all the generations yet to come – as lazy, foolish, and disrespectful. But there is fault in those stereotypes and it deeply relates to what past generations deem their success. Who we are today is highly dependent on the world our parents and grandparents have been creating for us.

We didn’t create the technology, medicine, and policies that define our lives today.

But we will create the future, and it’s time that the current community, city, and world leaders recognize and invest in us.

University of Louisville

College campuses are some of the world’s most paramount places for change. And I’m lucky enough to live at one of the best, The University of Louisville.

UofL is home to over 22,000 students who are studying everything from business to medicine and engineering to fine arts. The student body is diverse, representing over 90 countries. With 18 research centers and institutes and many leading scholar programs there is sure to be an abundance of world-changers emerging from the university.

Speed School of Engineering

And the surrounding Louisville community must remember that as it works towards change we will be key. No matter how many times we are told our actions won’t make a difference we keep trying because we know we can create a brighter tomorrow. This is evident in all of the student-lead organizations that dedicate their time and money to community service, research development, and political activism.

But no matter our actions, we are still reliant on the world that has been created for us. Student income, loan debt, and high expectations of job experience are all challenges that hinder students before and after graduation. To create a future that facilitates positive change and growth these issues must be addressed.

University of Louisville

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