Losing Yourself In Louisville

LOO-A-VUL, Louisville, the ville, LOO-A-VILLE, anything but LEWIS-VILLE.

Downtown, Ohio River Louisville, KY

Home to 1.4 million people, the Greater Louisville Region is arguably one of the most underrated cities in America – especially if you’re talking to me. Close in population to Portland, Ore. and Las Vegas, Nev. and larger than New Orleans, La., Louisville doesn’t get enough rep for its size.

In 2012 Louisville outranked Portland as the “best U.S. city at luring and retaining educated young people” a.k.a the hipster capital. And three years later, with the ever growing number of coffee-dives and men with full-fledged beards in Louisville it seems like that’s a title not going away.

And every year Louisville hosts nearly 300,000 people for the Kentucky Derby. New Orleans throws a party and bakeries across the country start baking King Cakes. Derby is double the class and triple the excitement, yet you don’t see bakeries in Louisiana cranking out ooey-gooey bourbon pecan pie. Honestly, if your local bakery doesn’t sell a derby-time pie you should start protesting.

From bourbon to horse racing, art and cuisine, big city flare with a down-home feel Louisville has it all.

So then why doesn’t Louisville get the love it deserves?

A major reason is that people just don’t give themselves an opportunity to fall in love with the city. With 31 different neighborhoods in Louisville it’s hard for people to lose themselves in every single one. But that’s the key, falling in love with ALL of Louisville.

The major neighborhoods include:






And simply put, a quick bite to eat or drive through on your way to work isn’t going to immerse you in the neighborhoods. No. To fall in love with Louisville you have to get to know its people and always find yourself lost in one of its many gems.

Do you have a favorite Louisville neighborhood, or a little hidden gem? Share them in the comments below!

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  1. anisa462 says:

    Visiting Louisville is definitely on my list. I would love to go for the Kentucky Derby.

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